Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Future

Having given this a lot, and I mean a lot, of consideration I've made the decision to no longer carry on with the monthly challenges. There are a number of reasons. 

The main one (I don't feel comfortable saying this but it does need to be said because it is the main reason) is the sheer number of challenges out there mean that a lot of people try and make their project fit the criteria for as many as possible. That in itself I don't have an issue with but very often the criteria is not even closely met. If a company/challenge blog gives you a colour palette it doesn't mean take one colour that just happens to be on a card containing no other colours from that palette and say it meets the criteria. If someone has worked hard to make/find a palette and their design team have provided inspiration based on those colours then it isn't fair. If they say use a bird or a flower then it doesn't mean use a star. I won't allow my challenges to be drawn into that any more.

Another reason and again I am not comfortable with saying it but I have had enough of is the sheer rudeness and lack of manners of some people in comments or by email. Just this morning I've had an email saying simply - 'you forgot the linky!'. That's one of the more polite ones. I purposely don't put a linky in the just for fun months and always say to put a link to any project you have made in the comments section as we love to see what you have made. I used to put a linky but then I would be bombarded with messages from people a few days after the closing date saying I had forgotten to draw the prize even though it clearly said there was no prize that month. Hence the change. However I'm coming to the conclusion that people just aren't interested unless there is a prize which brings us back to the problem of making a project fit as many challenges as loosely as possible. I saw one the other day that had tried to be fitted into no less than 50 challenges. To me that is not what crafting is about which is why I've always had just for fun months and only a few prize months. That's what creating should be - fun and not about winning as much as possible. 

I appreciate that this decision is not going to be popular but I cannot let it carry on like this. I want to be true to what I feel and not comply with the sheep way of doing things. 

On 1st March I will be launching a new venture so if I haven't offended you with my comments and feelings above then please watch this space. 


  1. I think this is a great decision! Sorry you've been having so many rude comments - card making should be for fun! I'm one who enters a lot of challenges but I am very careful to ensure I meet the criteria. I'm looking forward to your new set-up! Wishing you all the best!

  2. Sorry to hear you have been subjected to rude emails, I always thought the crafting community was a kind one! How sad that a number of negative factors have pushed you into this decision x

  3. I do not belong to your group. I came here to ask to be friended then maybe join your group. I read this Post. Sadly this is becoming epidemic. I call it GREED. Where did the "Hobbies for Relaxation" disappear to? I Craft for enjoyment. That's my reward. To give a gift of self from my heart. If a change must come to bring the reason for crafting back into proper focus, then I say carry on. If I may be so bold. I just commented today how I felt a couple web sights I used to shop with has tripped supply prices. No reason for this. None. Therefore I'll never own a Sheena Douglas Stamp. The new Aqua Pens. People everywhere have gotten very greedy. Easily turned around. Hold off buying for one to two weeks. Long enough for companies to know that we will no longer blindly feed the greed . Sorry I barged in. Take care and good luck. XX'S,