Tuesday, 19 June 2012


I've been doing the old umming and ahhing the last couple of months when the eBay invoice arrived and wondering whether it is worth it. I pondered over going back to a website host but then the problem is finding customers whereas eBay has a customer base and for a lot of people it is the go to place when they want a bargain.

We all love a bargain but when you have handcrafted an item over many hours and people want it for 99p then it really makes you think.

So I've taken the decision to move over to Etsy. It will be a very gradual move because the vast majority of my items are unique and will have to be individually listed. Our computer is playing up so I'm going to try and transfer the relevant photos onto another device and take it from there.

I did a craft fair at the weekend which I made some new items for. Instead of putting them in my eBay shop I've opened an Etsy shop if you fancy a looksie.

I have these little cutie pies to add later today aswell

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  1. Kerry they all look so cute! Hugs, Kelly x

  2. very pretty flowers you made Kerry and those cuttie knitted little monsters.