Sunday, 11 December 2011

Busted and Some Big Changes

I completely forgot to do the prizes for October and November. I'm so sorry. A big change too but more of that after the winners announcement

There was only one entry for October which was the scarf pattern so Kate please can you email me at and I will send you the pdf of the pattern.

We had a massive number of entries to the November challenge. The criteria was Christmas with no red or green and the prize was to win some digital images. The winner chosen at random was number 52 Nana Donna with her adorable sledding polar bear. Please can you email me at and I will forward your details to the company providing the generous prize.

Right now onto the big change.  I have taken the big decision to move the business back over the eBay.  It is mainly for the coverage eBay brings.  My little shop just wasn't getting any custom on its own. I sponsored UKScrappers this year but I'm finding myself branching out more and more into handmade things other than craft flowers so it won't really be a viable option financially to do that again next year. Don't worry I'm still selling my crocheted and fabric flowers aswell as my other stock.  As I own the domain name for I've now pointed it to my ebay shop and cancelled my create shop.  If anybody has any suggestions for any craft flowers they would like me to make in the new year then I'm open to ideas on colour/shape etc.  

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