Thursday, 8 July 2010

Design Team Call

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With the new season products shortly to be released I am looking for approximately 4 or 5 people to be part of a one off design team to showcase the new goodies.

I will provide the embellishments (approx mid to end of August depending on shipping from the states to me - cuurently Prima are saying mid august shipping) and in return would like some inspirational work from you to put on my shop website and/or blog.  I am looking for cards and scrapbook layouts.  You do not need to do both unless you want to as I will make sure the team has an even balance of cardmakers and scrapbookers.  Once the products are with you I will need a reasonably quick turnaround of no more than a month so I can get the pictures in the shop gallery as soon as possible.

The products I provide will probably be in the same format as I sell them (grip seal bags of 10 flowers etc but obviously several packets of different types for you to work with).  You will need to provide your own card blanks if you are a card maker.  Looking at the preview of the new products there are some amazing new papers so I will provide some of those to go with your flowers.

International applications are also welcome.

If you are interested in this opportunity please email me by 15th August 2010 at with the following

1. Name:

2. Address: optional at the moment if you would rather not give it

3. Email:

4. Phone number:

5. Blog or website address: you don't need to have one

6. Links to any online galleries you may have:

7. Three samples of your work which use floral embellishments as this is the main part I need to showcase.

8. Details of any design teams you are currently part of or have been part of so I can see more of your lovely work.  I don't mind if you are part of another team so don't be shy.

9. A little bit about yourself and your crafting experience etc.

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