Sunday, 17 March 2013

A Statement About CE Markings

It came to my attention very recently that toys sold within Europe have to legally have the CE marking on them.  This process involves rigourous tests (and so it should to ensure the safety of children)  on each and every item used during the manufacturing process right down to the thread used for stitching.  I haven't made and sold many toys at all but I have sold a handful and I am making this statement now that I had no idea about the testing process at the point I made the sales (mostly at craft fairs).  I would never have knowingly sold them had I not been so naive and made myself aware of this legal requirement.  If anybody would like a refund then please contact me ( or by the contact us button on the website (

As I like to make my items as unique as possible and as stated above every item used has to be tested rigorously then I have taken the decision that I will no longer be making toys. 

It is an absolute minefield surrounding these rules.  Simply adding a warning that an item isn't suitable for children under a certain age is not enough, neither is adding your contact details or stating that it is not intended to be a toy.  If it looks like a toy then it needs the CE testing.  So many people are potentially putting themselves at risk of a hefty fine or prison sentence for selling soft toys such as sock monkeys, knitted toys etc at fairs.  Even charities need to have the resting.  Like I said - it is a minefield.

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