Friday, 4 September 2009

A Change Of Plan

I really am pretty stupid. I set up the new website and paid for the domain name and everything and was going to get to work setting up the shop next week when the kids go back to school. Idiot that I am didn't think for one minute to see if I could actually set up a shop on the pretty damed expensive website provider I used. Offering a paypal shopping cart as part of the package I assumed that it would be perfect - unfortunately not because that is the only option and it won't even cater for international customers or give me a counter for the products left or any of the usual simple things you would expect from an online shop.

As a result of my findings I have decided to try and find another website provider for the shop. I will still try and open next week but the shop you may (or may not) have bookmarked will not be the correct one. I have owned for some while so I will probably use that instead of .com and write off the .com address to experience. Domain transfers are possible I suppose and I will look into that too.

I am also having a few shipping problems with Prima too. As of this morning they haven't charged the order of the latest stock they have ready for me despite that fact that it has been ready in their warehouse for 2 weeks. I suppose they are busy.

Anyway just keeping my customers up to speed with developments and in the meantime the ebay shop is operating as normal.

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